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Virtual Assistants for Managing General Agents (MGA / MGU)

Proven Virtual Assistant Solutions that drive General Agency growth!

Agent Desk provides MGA/MGU's a customized Virtual Assistant solution to support and manage the unique needs of their Agents. The task of managing hundreds or thousands of Agents can create process challenges for MGA/MGU’s our Virtual Assistants provide the dedicated support to streamline processes. Our proven services drive overall growth, performance. cost savings and increased cash flows to our MGA/MGU clients.

Agent Desk Virtual Assistants Tasks include:

Underwriters Assistance

  • Review and process change requests with Underwriter help.
  • Agent follow-up for missing application information.
  • Loss Runs Requests
  • Document uploads or Underwriter to review

Claims Department Assistance

  • Assist claims department or TPA to ensure claims are handled in a timely manner.
  • Monitor all claims workflow with Agents.
  • Perform audits for claims payments.

Policy Service Assistance

  • Review and process changes request with Underwriter help.
  • Process cancellations
  • Reissue / Reinstate policies
  • Process Endorsements

Digital Mail Room Assistance

  • Processing incoming request via email.
  • Scanning documents to process claims
  • Monitor claim and loss runs request.
  • Monitor Endorsement request
  • Monitor inspections

Personal Lines Underwriter Assistant

  • Review and process change requests with underwriter help.
  • Process no coverage letter
  • Reissue / Reinstate policy per underwriter request
  • Assist any and all overflow work

Contact the team at Agent Desk and let our Virtual Assistant's help today!